Wednesday, July 4, 2012

In the Beginning . . .

So here I am writing my first blog. I'll begin with why I'm starting it. I am a story addict and just this year I was introduced by a good friend to a story format that most people get introduced to way before they hit their twenty seventh year: comic books.
Yes, I get funny looks from my family. We were a strictly written word and written word only family. Now I tote comic books and graphic novels. (And I have to explain that no it isn't  a dirty book.)
I'm into several superhero story lines. (Go Spidey!) But I find myself leaning more into different avenues such as  Mouseguard, Daisy Kutter and Stuff of Legend. Also a big fan of the Flight series. I keep scrounging in the diverse sections and I would love to hear recommendations. I'll be posting here on stuff I've read and my thoughts about them.
I am also in process of writing my own comic book series so I'll be posting on that as well but mostly I just want to share my new passion for this amazing way of telling a story.

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