Tuesday, September 18, 2012


So, I know it has been a while. I haven't got any new scripts to post but I do have updates on several projects! I have an artist working on "The Flower" script. I will be asking her permission to post both her name and some early peaks so stay tuned for that.
I am also working on a series called "Monster Hunters" about three kids who go around slaying monsters that have been terrorizing other kids. (Title is subject to change.) I will be keeping you updated on the progress for this and when its up and running you will see the link.
Now to serious business: prepping for ComicCon in New York City. I have decided to go as a mouse. But not just any mouse. We are talking about a slicing and dicing  mouse called (not Despereaux!) Saxon. For those who don't know who I'm talking about, I am speaking of a character from Mouseguard. Its sort of like Redwall but darker. For those of you who know what I am talking about, because I haven't found another fan yet, please, oh, please hit the like button. I would really like to know I'm not the only one.
Now in the process of making a costume, I have discovered how difficult it is finding a pine or forest green hoodie. Fortunately, God Bless Hanes, I did finally find one. When it is done, I will post a picture of it and you can tell me what you think.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Late But There

Whew! Sorry it took me an extra day. I found Celtx's one flaw. When you copy and paste it does not copy and paste the panels or pages. I had to insert them in the script below by hand. Oh, calamity! Anyway, I am looking for an artist for this piece. I would like to have it done before Comic Con in October. I know its a tight deadline.
I am working on my 'Monster Hunters' script. I am hoping that my upcoming vacation will bring some juicy inspiration. (Ya hear that Muse?!) This one with, the help of a very good friend, will be a graphic novel. I have the beginning of a spin off also emerging- based off the same town. Stuffed animals and nightmares. Hee, hee.
I, also, hope to have another short script posted on here by the end of next week. So much to do and only 24 hours to do it in!

The Flower Comic Script

"The Flower"
 By Theresa Boulrice

Page 1
Panel 1 - Top half of the page in one big panel with a series of smaller ones inside it showing different dance moves. A pixie with a head of fluffy red hair, with small pointy ears in a dress made out of leaves is dancing in the sky with a batch of fireflies. She has a spunky personality.
Panel 2-Three smaller panels at the bottom of the page. See her flying tiredly down to a rose. Crawling into its bud. Curling up in a fetal position to sleep.

Page 2
Panel 1-An old man's hand grabs the stem. In the gutter (The space between panels.)
Panel 2-The pixie is sleeping peacefully.
Panel 3-See her sleeping again but the panel looks like its vibrating.
Panel 4-She wakes up as the surrounding flower pitches at a 45 degree angle.
Panel 5-She is falling towards a gravel path.

Page 3
Panel 1-Sitting on the gravel, legs sprawled. A single star with a squiggle pointed at her rump. She is dazed.
Panel 2- From her size perspective.She looks, sees an old man-brown worn suit with a worn fedora, beard, slightly hunched- walking away. (This panel should take up half the page with Panel 1 layered up in the left corner. The next two panels on the bottom)
Panel 3-Close up of his hand holding the rose.
Panel 4-Her face scrunches up in anger, smoke coming out of her ears, fists balled up in anger. Hair spikes out.

Page 4
Panel 1-Panoramic on the top of page. The old man walking down the gravel path- towards a cottage, Tudor style, cream color between wood panels, with the pixie following him- face red with anger. Illusion of 3D as the cottage is tiny in the background and the old man is small while she is the bigger than him.
Panel 2-The old  man approaches the door- the door is wood and rounded at the top, with vines covering either side of it. No flowers on them.
Panel 3-Pixie darts for the open door but it slams shut in her face before she can get through.
Panel 4- Close up of her face as she glowers at the closed door.
Panel 5- Flutters around to a window, it's shut.
Panel 6-Looking through the window she sees the old man place a cup of water with the rose sticking out of it on a table near the window.
Panel 7- She tries opening the window, stretching and straining but it wont budge.
Panel 8- She kicks at the window.
Panel 9- Lands on her butt. Two stars, one for the foot the other for her rear while she glares at the window.

Page 5
Panel 1- She looks up and sees one of those round attic windows. It's open. Surrounded by vines.
Panel 2- Panels: 11-13 She flies up to the window. Do the house in the Gutter. She enters the house through the window. See her passing through an empty, dusty attic. Flying over some stairs.

Page 6
Panel 1-This shot is seen as if your were standing between the table and the window. The rose in the glass is prominent and we see the pixie hovering in the air between the door frame. If possible show the end of the bed that is next to the table on the left from this perspective.
Panel 2-Her face looking delighted.
Panel 3- She lands on the table near the rose.
Panel 4- She is on the rim of the glass pulling  at the rose's stem. It's a strain but she is beginning to lift the flower out of the glass.(Several small panels showing the effort)
Panel 5- She freezes at the sound of a *cough*, her eyes are buggy.
Panel 6- An old sickly woman- thin and shriveled from whatever disease is ailing her, lying on the bed, stares in wonder at her. 
Panel 7- The old man enters with a tray of soup, a book is also on the tray and he is wearing glasses.
Panel 8- His face real close to the pixie to see if he is seeing what he really thinks he's seeing.

Page 7
Panel 1- Series of small shots as the pixie looks from the old woman to the rose, and back to the old woman, realization is dawning on her face.
Panel 2- She lifts the flower out of the glass.
Panel 3- Offers it to the old woman. The old woman's bony hand accepts the rose.
Panel 4- Three small shots of each of their faces, old woman's delighted, pixie shy yet happy, old man beaming.
Panel 5- Looking inside from the window. The old man is sitting on a wooden chair reading out loud. The old woman is listening while the pixie is sitting on the open rose listening. Angle is high up looking down through the window.
 Caption  The End.

Sunday, July 29, 2012


Well as you can see, I may not have been blogging but I have been busy. Besides the short below, I have a first draft script that I will be posting after a good friend of mine proof reads it. I'm also trying the plot style scripting for my big fantasy/action project. No I don't have a title for it yet. Its going to be the most difficult part of the story!
Next blog I'll talk about all my new graphic novels!!!! Fun, fun, fun.

Comic Strip created by me

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

In the Beginning . . .

So here I am writing my first blog. I'll begin with why I'm starting it. I am a story addict and just this year I was introduced by a good friend to a story format that most people get introduced to way before they hit their twenty seventh year: comic books.
Yes, I get funny looks from my family. We were a strictly written word and written word only family. Now I tote comic books and graphic novels. (And I have to explain that no it isn't  a dirty book.)
I'm into several superhero story lines. (Go Spidey!) But I find myself leaning more into different avenues such as  Mouseguard, Daisy Kutter and Stuff of Legend. Also a big fan of the Flight series. I keep scrounging in the diverse sections and I would love to hear recommendations. I'll be posting here on stuff I've read and my thoughts about them.
I am also in process of writing my own comic book series so I'll be posting on that as well but mostly I just want to share my new passion for this amazing way of telling a story.