Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Late But There

Whew! Sorry it took me an extra day. I found Celtx's one flaw. When you copy and paste it does not copy and paste the panels or pages. I had to insert them in the script below by hand. Oh, calamity! Anyway, I am looking for an artist for this piece. I would like to have it done before Comic Con in October. I know its a tight deadline.
I am working on my 'Monster Hunters' script. I am hoping that my upcoming vacation will bring some juicy inspiration. (Ya hear that Muse?!) This one with, the help of a very good friend, will be a graphic novel. I have the beginning of a spin off also emerging- based off the same town. Stuffed animals and nightmares. Hee, hee.
I, also, hope to have another short script posted on here by the end of next week. So much to do and only 24 hours to do it in!

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